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KO LANTA'S WEATHER Information about Ko Lanta's Climate, Seasons and Weather

Information about Ko Lanta's Climate, Seasons and Weather. Thailand’s climate is the most diverse in Southeast Asia and the weather is extremely hard to predict.

The temperature during the day remains fairly constant throughout the year averaging 30 degrees C, with humidity, rainfall and evening temperatures varying from season to season. For most people, the weather is quite warm all year round, especially in the southern parts of Thailand.

There are three seasons: Dry (November – Feb), Hot (March – May) and Rainy (June – October).

The main tourist season in Ko Lanta runs from October through April with most people visiting from December to March.

An increasing number of people are coming during the low season, and many resorts now stay open all year.

During the rainy season (May – October), the temperature remains warm and the weather is often fine, but some heavy rainfall lasting a few hours each day is typical. You can experience blue skies and hot sun for days on end, but it can also rain for days at a time.

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